FU Money

FU Money represents an individual’s financial threshold for maintaining their lifestyle without employment-derived income. This sum, varying per person, is influenced by living costs, investment returns, and personal choices. Attainment of FU Money offers enhanced freedom, reduced stress, and facilitates pursuit of individual passions or ideals.


FU Money is a term coined to represent a sufficient amount of money that enables a person to maintain their current lifestyle indefinitely without having to work for income. The term is often used to represent financial freedom or independence.


The term “FU Money” is believed to have gained popular traction after the publication of the book “F.U. Money” by Dan Lok, a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker. The term, however, is older than this and has been used colloquially for some time.


The main purpose of achieving FU Money is to gain control over one’s time and life decisions. It provides the financial freedom to quit a job one doesn’t like, start a new venture, take time off, or simply enjoy life without financial stress.


To calculate the amount of FU Money needed, one must consider their yearly expenses, desired lifestyle, inflation, and expected rate of return on investments. There isn’t a universal FU Money figure, as it varies based on individual’s lifestyle and financial needs.


Accumulating FU Money can be done through multiple means such as savings, investments, inheritance, selling a business, etc. However, the common principle is to spend less than what one earns and invest the surplus wisely and consistently.


A critical aspect of building FU Money is making investments that generate passive income. This could include real estate rentals, dividends from stocks, interest from bonds, royalties, and more.

Risk Management

Properly managing risks is a key aspect of FU Money. This could include diversification of investments to protect against market volatility, as well as insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

FU Money vs. Retirement

While similar, FU Money and retirement are not the same. FU Money is achieved when one has enough to sustain their current lifestyle indefinitely, whether they choose to work or not. Retirement, on the other hand, refers to ceasing to work entirely, typically at an older age.

Psychological Aspects

The idea of FU Money also has psychological benefits, as it can provide a sense of security and reduce stress related to job security and financial stability.