Tag: Cognitive Load

  • Context Switching

    Context Switching

    The concept of context switching, essential for both computer operations and human cognition, highlights the transition between tasks. It reveals the inherent trade-offs between multitasking capabilities and operational efficiency, stressing the importance of effective task management.

  • Attention (Zen Parable)

    Attention (Zen Parable)

    In a quiet room filled with anticipation, a student approached Zen Master Ikkyū Sōjun, renowned for his insightful wisdom that cut through life’s complexities. With a heart full of questions and seeking enlightenment, the student asked the master for a piece of wisdom to illuminate his path towards understanding.

  • Cognitive Load

    Cognitive Load

    Cognitive load denotes the mental strain within working memory. It’s segmented into three kinds: intrinsic, based on subject complexity; extraneous, from delivery; and germane, fostering deep learning. Individual differences, such as age and expertise, and factors like task difficulty affect its impact.