Tag: Natural Language Processing

  • Chomsky Hierarchy

    Chomsky Hierarchy

    Introduced by Noam Chomsky in the 1950s, the Chomsky Hierarchy categorizes language grammars, providing a framework for analyzing language structures. This concept has profoundly impacted fields like linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, aiding in the comprehension of language and computation.

  • LLM – Large Language Model

    LLM – Large Language Model

    Large Language Models (LLMs) are sophisticated AI systems designed for language processing. They learn from vast text datasets, excelling in tasks like translation and content creation, and continuously evolve based on new data and user interactions.

  • Semantic Shift

    Semantic Shift

    Semantic shift refers to the evolution of word meanings over time, driven by cultural, societal, and technological changes. It plays a crucial role in the interpretation of legal texts and reflects the dynamic nature of language within cultural evolution.

  • Attention is All You Need Whitepaper

    Attention is All You Need Whitepaper

    “Attention is All You Need” is a groundbreaking whitepaper that introduces the Transformer model in natural language processing. The model relies on a self-attention mechanism and an encoder-decoder architecture, eschewing traditional recurrent and convolutional networks. Despite its simplicity, it achieved superior results in machine translation tasks.