Tag: Operating Systems

  • Context Switching

    Context Switching

    The concept of context switching, essential for both computer operations and human cognition, highlights the transition between tasks. It reveals the inherent trade-offs between multitasking capabilities and operational efficiency, stressing the importance of effective task management.

  • Malware


    Defined as software designed to cause harm, malware varies in its threats, encompassing viruses, worms, and advanced ransomware. While its presence has been notable since the early days of personal computing, the ever-evolving nature of malware challenges the continuous advancements in the cybersecurity domain.

  • Zero Day Exploit

    Zero Day Exploit

    Zero Day Exploits are cyber attacks that happen the same day a software flaw is discovered, giving developers no time to fix it. These attacks can cause severe damage, such as financial loss and data compromise. Strategies like detection and patch management can mitigate them.