Tag: Phase Transitions

  • Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

    Originating from nuclear physics, “Critical Mass” represents key thresholds across disciplines, encompassing economic viability, societal trends, and biological sustainability, signifying transformative junctures.

  • Hysteresis


    Hysteresis describes systems where the current state is shaped by both past and present influences. Notable for its path dependence and non-linearity, the concept is particularly relevant in disciplines such as material science, engineering, and economics.

  • Metastability


    Metastability denotes a system’s stable state that is not its most energetically optimal. These transient states can endure for significant durations and are observed across various domains, influencing both natural and technological behaviors.

  • Renormalization


    Addressing the challenge of infinities in quantum calculations, renormalization refines initial parameters to ensure tangible results. It traces its origins to quantum electrodynamics and underpins the success and accuracy of the Standard Model in particle physics.