Tag: Polymorphism

  • Overloading (Programming)

    Overloading (Programming)

    In programming, overloading allows methods sharing the same name to operate distinctively, depending on argument types. This technique, integral in modern software development, offers flexibility and efficiency, showcasing the dynamic nature of programming practices.

  • Encapsulation


    In object-oriented programming, encapsulation confines data and its associated functions within a class. This methodological approach enhances data security and ensures structured interactions between software components.

  • Impedance Mismatch

    Impedance Mismatch

    Impedance mismatch results from the disparity between object-oriented systems and relational databases in data representation and access. While tools like Object-Relational Mapping seek to bridge this divide, complexities in data structures, identity, and navigation persist, evolving with technological advancements.