Tag: Techne vs. Episteme

  • Techne vs. Episteme

    Techne vs. Episteme

    Stemming from Greek thought, Techne refers to hands-on skills and craftsmanship, while Episteme denotes theoretical understanding and universal truths, distinguishing two foundational types of knowledge.

  • Flying by Instruments

    Flying by Instruments

    In instrument flight, pilots utilize onboard instruments for navigation, especially crucial in challenging conditions where external visuals are limited or obscured. As aviation evolved, this method, driven by both the need for safety and advancements in technology, necessitated rigorous training to ensure pilot proficiency.

  • Pure vs. Applied Research

    Pure vs. Applied Research

    Pure research seeks to expand fundamental knowledge, driven by curiosity, while applied research is designed to solve practical problems with immediate applications. Both are crucial for knowledge advancement and interact to inform each other.