Tag: Technological Innovation

  • Chesterton’s Fence

    Chesterton’s Fence

    Chesterton’s Fence, established by G.K. Chesterton, underscores the need for understanding the rationale behind established norms before modifying them, advocating for informed, deliberate change across various domains, from policy to innovation.

  • Dual-Use


    Dual-use refers to technologies, goods, or knowledge with applications in both civilian and military spheres. Rooted in the Cold War, the concept now plays a significant role in international security, ethics, and regulatory frameworks.

  • Productive Bubbles

    Productive Bubbles

    “Productive Bubbles,” as identified by Bill Janeway, describe financial episodes where heightened speculation funds technological innovations. Though many such ventures falter, the aftermath often yields transformative technologies that impact industries and societies, demonstrating the paradox of wasteful investment leading to lasting advancements.